You Freed Me

Dear reader, you freed me and I want to thank you. You have come into my life and showed me something and someone to believe in. You have become that beautiful moment of my destiny, a moment of my life I have accepted as my miracle.

I am being blessed, I’m being served every moment by the correspondent nature of Your Smile, by the way you have treated me with kindness and respect, cultivating the influence of Grace, identifying the right action in the right order that is always on time and on target, thank you for freeing me!

That’s sweet essence of Harmony you have brought back into my life. I opened myself to the voice of your wisdom, and allow my heart to come out of that dark land that it has been enslaved to.

But you freed me. I’m thankful person is grateful, under all circumstances, even through the dark, and the most hard times of their life, even when they believe that their world has come down on them.

So you are deserving of all the praise that you receive, so let the prudence and the precepts of Truth sink deep in your heart, that you are beautiful like the Rose you resemble

Your light shines upon me, beautiful and wonderful you are, you have manifested a good deed into the life of a man who wrestles against the rulers of these dark times of his life who has questioned his journey predicament and who needs to be released and liberated from the shadow illusion of these melange fortunes.

How many roads must a man walk down before his heart begins to translate his journey and the experiences he is faced with, the boundaries of reality that can replace the essence of passion, Love and Desire, with the elements of surviving without face and other people, and hatred in one’s universe and represent the paradoxes beauty within life struggle.

How many oceans does understanding have to cross, to reach the shore of the Mind of a lost soul, a soul that rejects the validity of believing in love.

But God has created unique to have the power to touch a life with soul, to possess the right smile and words to jumpstart a man’s heart of passion, the change its focus from surviving with hate, to walking with a purpose to becoming free.

But it is you reading, that possess such an ability to influence, to free such a soul, my soul. And I thank you, with sincerity, with my dreams dedicated to you.

Sandy Sturdivant

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