Wondered of Possibility

Wondereds of possibility

Dear reader, your curiosity may be wondering, why this title? Because I want to do great things with love, I want to build something big around understanding I know sometime I am thirsty four words of kindness in grace to showcase

As my desires is being tossed around and expectation where the great event of my journey is a part of this expectation to be recognized

I know I must understand and realize that love allow me to engage in the Battle of life’s greatest purpose, to strengthen my wisdom in the love making experience where that delicate enticements of passion will incite a moment that would grow into maturity

So as long as I live in this desire, the greater will that emotion to stimulate Joy virtue in the moments of pleasure taking a stronghold of the elementary essence of passion manifesting.

As long as there has been loved, there has always been someone to chase after it. I come to see this moment of love as the inspiration to a beautiful dream oh, its purpose has inspire the frame work of art, the inspiration to poetry. The motion picture of our life in this delicate story line from a poem and the participation of you and me in the shadow of a secret dream

I can trust that love is truly blessing me. I become who and what love wants me to be, I will be able to acknowledge that what I used to be, how I used to act, and how I used to talk will no longer sustain or satisfy me.

Love, dot-dot. This beautiful and attractive woman, whose hello has inspired me, should be credited for knighting in me the Wonder of possibility to indulge in the essence of my desire. I have been given one of the greatest privileges of all time. That is to be presented with a feeling of love That was ushered into my life from the sight of her and a smile that has become a light into the dark hallway of my heart.

Passion is famous for giving a sneak preview into its purpose and The Coming Attractions desire works with this Instinct and draws into me my potential through promise and The Wonder of possibility. Because of this I live in the tension between what is and what is to come. So therefore I must come to learn to trust and integrity of what life brings, the impeccable.

Sandy Sturdivant

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