What’s Your Name?

Dear reader, is it possible for our heart to see further than our passion reaches, there’s a time and place where we will breathe in the essence of sincerity in the air of a moment, when something new has entered us, something unknown, our feelings grow mute into a shy perplexity, I’ll words become afraid, the hello we are trying to conjure fail to make it’s Mark.

Oh how I would like to contradict the statement by being brave just for moment, just enough to put my fears to the side, and put down a little taste of confidence into my action, to approach this matter to find my thoughts that would find the right words, that I would use in my introduction to you. In our troubled mirror, a reflection of the purpose which is our quest begins.

So now I find myself caught up in my feelings, thinking about your smile and how it has emancipated the words that have been enslaved in my mind, freeing their use to be elegant in their demonstration, to announce the graceful things I see.

If you’ve imagined Heaven to be this life after death moment, then you would not understand, how i come to imagine it to be this moment that is before me. Heaven in the essence of this joy I find myself under, from my excitement and anticipation to place my feelings on the table and express my desire.
Who are you to be so beautiful, so fabulous, talented, and amazing, actually who are you not to be?
You are a child of love, and the essence in your name proves it.

Because we are born to manifest the glory of love within us, and as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

What good will strength be, unless you did something with it?
I want to understand the strength in your name, the tales in your motion and The story in your confidence, so I will one day learn how to use it, in my endeavor to be brave, in my quest to blossom into love.

So what is your name, and tell me how did your beauty Capture my imagination, my thirst to say hello.

Oh how amazing you are, just so breathtaking!
It has taken one beat of passion to search enough courage to burst past my fears and beg for help from chances, to allow me this opportunity to prepare my words in a way where they will stand in its purpose of use and to allow its message to demonstrate my wants and attention.

Whereas one day the wrestling match with destiny and fate will end, and the question I’m trying to avoid, must be faced.

Tune into that familiar instrument of this burning passion of the emotions to make an open heart connection with you the reader and my quest to learn your name,
Sandy sturdiuant

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