What is it Like?

Dear reader, we must prepare ourselves to face adversity with the act of Courage. We have to get ready to set our will in motion for a journey of our life. We have to know when and where our Story begins, to get where we are going, to make that desperate sacrifice.

We must shelter our hearts and mind to weather the storm in our life that will be significant in our fight. That moment where Destiny and fate collide

So Embrace with me a clear Moment of clarity, of the wisdom of experiencing love final wish.

So let’s breathe into this reality, the following totally, that will announce the morality that we don’t want to miss. So what is it like? Falling in love and meeting someone more than life itself? And being able to be with them, and have them love you back?

Was it a part of the pure essence of finding the other half of yourself, and being complete and whole for the very first time in your life? What was it like to know a person you can depend on even during the hard part of life’s struggles? To know that love is sincere.

There is the strong tale, a mystery of Mythology, that once you have been touched by loves essence, you will never be the same, your personality and character changes forever, and forever you are devoted to that person will stole your heart, the one whose smile has brought forth confidence in your stride, that one who have touched you to the exclusion of all else, what you wanted oh, what you were, and who you were, no longer means anything to you.

Love essence, you would do anything for the one who gave your love to your life is no longer yours, it becomes theirs, your soul is enslaved from this pure desire of love and affection. The only thing that can exist out of this encounter, is a deeper affection and devotion in the time of trouble that security of love

I was only just beginning to comprehend the importance of the woman who has breathed the wisdom of love and truth of who I am. I’m delighted to see, feel, touch, and know this Essence. Right here, right now, I know that I am moving along the Tracks of Life and in the direction of my greatest yet to be.

Sandy Sturdivant

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