Touch by a Smile

Dear reader,
How can I use words in its proper term, to describe and to find them in its correct meaning, with the essential elements of its definition. To draw out the essence to tell a story that will identify my story of how I came into contact with thee.

How the air left the room, when you smile met my eyes, for brief brief moment, I match myself reliving this present, frozen forever in an instant of a time. Forced to correct any new approach again and again until I got it right.

So I would allow my intention for your attention. Caught up in my imagination. Holding tight to the words in my mind, reflecting on the mystery, purpose, and my decision to capture what must have been the complexity of the moment.

Why did this smile touch me? What were the reasons for my nervousness? How did its essence pursue my heart to set the courage to leave what I was doing to introduce myself and just say hello?

Would you be able to call this bravery? Because I sat my fears to the side and approach the matter that what’s before me that concern my attention? Or was it more braver to look this beautiful smile in her eyes and save the following thing?

I don’t know how to explain this, but I felt drawn to your beautiful smile, to your exuberant persona, to those big searching pretty brown eyes of yours. I think your kindness is sexy. The way you aggressively promote in your incomparable beauty is breathtaking. Where the sway and shiver of your hips I’ll well versed in art of seduction. How profound and captivated, I am about this new discovery of your experience you have given me. The sensational feeling of finding the notion to know how to connect with them to learn how to indulge in its ecstasy.

I consider it would be a great privilege if you could assist me on this journey of my destiny. The most modest of expectation, the overwhelming position to fulfill the purpose of my fervent passion.

To indulge in the language of hope, insinuating loves reach that will reach out to the horizon of your delicate integrity. Your present has the fire my attention that it has incorporated the essence of persuasion to keep my gaze and its place and not look away

Two stand with confidence and pay attention To the real definition of beauty…

I can’t get past that idea whenever I ponder on this smile that touches me.

If a smile hold the power to attract my attention and its essence lies with an angelic physique, so how much more does the treasure of desire lies at my fingertips in the words of what I have now represent to thee.

But to benefit from it, you must read it..
Ponder it…

Study it, and only then will you receive the nourishment keep alive this feeling that you have given me.

Miss beautiful smile,

Sandy Sturdivant

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