Dear reader,
I’ve never say a word to her, but I think about her every night.

I’ve never had the courage to say hello, but I know I want her in my life. If love is going to do its deepest experiment with me, Then I guess it’ll begin within this moment. Trying to ponder the right words and right action, to get this attention of this beautiful woman.

So there, this story open up with a intelligent wish, to acknowledge this passion that has been consumed by this purpose, to make contact with this moment, as I properly introduce myself to this amazing woman. So I know, what is happen to me, is happen for me and to feel this anguish desire to confront my opportunity to just say one word to this magnificent person.

Therefore I bestowed upon by aspiration, looking up into the heavens for inspiration. To enter into that infinite conversation. To seek gratification from my hunger.

My hunger to speak. So what is the life of a man but the Phantom of a dream. But only in a dream do I have courage to be bold enough in the face of my adversity expressing that need I have for thee and courtesy of words, solving the Mystery of what can be when I do become brave enough to say anything.

I search for a window in time hoping to satisfy my soul and mind. To enter into this beautiful concept, pertaining to that essential element of confidence.

So I decide to start here at this very moment, hoping that my heart will be inspire to lead and guide me to prepare a table before me, in my deepest perplexity.

Oh man who found watching the audience of chances, do not allow your shyness to have a conflict with your vision to be bold and courageous to walk in the light of your desire, your moment to stop to the plate and let this person know, how destiny and fate can’t wait for us to get past this day, this day of promises. Our promise was designed to be conceived.

To discharge the seed of our destiny. To properly develop, and delivered faith and conviction to hand pick the right dream that we can all see as our intuition.

To dare To image to behold with prudence and to allow the essence of hope to manifest it’s principle. I just want to face her and look into her eyes with a mournful expression of affection, to display a sincere emotion, that is so rare between to stranger. But she is not a stranger in my eyes, she is just someone I am afraid to talk to,
too shy to say hello.

Sandy Sturdivant

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