Present to you

Present to you

Dear reader, I have decided in this letter, to take the initiative to describe my intention. When I introduce you to my feelings. See the beauty in your essence has cultivated and built the wonders in my face. And ask you to sense that something was missing from my life. The understanding of what passion that was be created within me.

The technique or a confidence, a boldness which makes me want to bestow the virtue of believing and how my response is to a situation of this fundamental need to breathe the choice where I will own up to a moment of expectations!

I do not fear you in the least, if I pretend to be shy, if I appear to hesitate, it is only a sham to deceive you. See my action is in line with my purpose oh, my purpose of position, I’m not strong enough to take the safest course, which should be to not widen the subject matter of this letter.

So today I would like to start over and rewind the tape that had yet to be recorded. I’ve come to understand that it is common for most of us to be skeptical about anything that is new. How am I suited to compete in this challenge that love is laid down before me. To merge in the passionate Act of Love presentation.

The elements of this team are being repeated in the stepping up a moment to the plate. I have been having a sincere problem trying to say the things that I’ve always wanted to say. I’m going off of pure instinct now.

Which is not usual for me but somehow I know that this is right, or maybe it’s just that it’s so important that I don’t care about the risk of being wrong. It’s refreshing, but a beautiful Essence is So Divine that again the gentle disappearance of all curiosity, only camouflage behind the demand of the day.

Am I getting through to you? To show you that we have the gift of intelligent reasoning. So we can understand and make sense out of the feelings that we experience. I’ve been seduced by desire, where Temptation Whispers And to my mind on how we can bear the fact that we understand each other so well, better and better, so sexlessly, after we both weren’t still seen as bodies of Desire, man and woman, then we suddenly seek grounds to satisfy that basley, fleshly instinct.

Where did that one kiss at the perfect moment will be hard to elegantly describing words oh how beautiful this moment has become.

You have stimulated my creative thinking into this letter. You have drawn out of my curiosity to indulge in a beginning of a philosophy in this experience of confidence. So I celebrate the time I have been pursue to express to you my deepest feelings.

Celebrating the prosperity that flows through this moment and that moment that allows me to focus more fully on the waking that passionate side of my integrity.

As a manifest into my life, right now, I rejoice in this opportunity to be able to be myself and all that is with in me to be as I present to you what it is I need, and what you mean to me.

Sandy sturdiuant

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