My Hello Belongs To You

Dear reader, I have never begin a letter with so much passion to express my feelings and admiration towards giving love the glory, for coming into my life and knocking on my heart’s door and bringing with it a beautiful sight of Destiny. I have never thought that A Moment Like This would matter, a moment where the Story of My Life Begins.

So my hello Belongs to You, belongs to the expression of desire to correspond to that philosophy side of your modest essence. I have been confident in many situations in my life, but I haven’t been so nervous as much as I am today. As remarkable as this russound purpose of my journey. I wonder would you be willing to share with me the Secret and rules of love?

You see that zealous a passion had been the evidence for me from the very first time I have laid eyes on thee. I searched for words to explain the intense involvement, the excitement, and the piece I felt at this moment. The wave of inspiration and happiness throughout my understanding that there are tasks ahead of me to accomplish and landmarks to achieve. I look into the past for the source of current interpretation of my future. I begin to remind myself how seldomly I pay attention to, where you going to look for it, the passionate and the extraordinary Challenge and demonstrating a true affection for someone special.

Therefore I hope that you are feeling this experience with love tugging at your heart.

I begin to sense its direction for me… I begin to move forward in wonders, Under Siege in my desire, steadfast within a wish. To embrace my destiny and the blessings that is intended for me in my quest.

I’m changing my heart’s priorities, I am determined to follow the plan that is set out for me. I’m going to be a dreamer of a moment, I’m going to keep my promises.

I know that it won’t be easy, It’s A Road Less Traveled in my quest to be able to believe in something other than myself. But then having a crush and wanted to say hello does not follow a routed pathway.

Sandy Sturdivant

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