Love Letter 3

Dear reader,
Beautiful you are : before you came into my life, I was just a ghost, a lonely soul searching for his way, hoping that one day I would find peace for my soul. Swimming for the ocean of life, walking amongst thrives, fighting a battle of hope.

Hoping and wishing, that my heart will be set free.
There not hour of the day, that does not pass, that my soul does not mourn for love, morning for its presence in you and within your attention.
There’s not a day go by, there’s not a moment of my life, that I don’t realize that I have made a friend.

A friend that looks past this ghostly persona that has infested my life. Thank you beautiful for that harmony of grace that is shown in your compassion, my friend. If only you can feel these feelings that I feel, then you can see how my words are sincere, that love is not misused when I say this to you. You have stole my heart from the start. And I’m grateful for you, and want you to believe in me, enough to follow me into the depth of the Omnipotent presence of love.

Your spirit, mind, and body are the recipients of its grace.

There is this dream and it is dreaming about you. Oh how beautiful it is to experience is in essence, to want to indulge in the moment of reflecting, to watch the light from the moon, reflect its blessings, to see its enchanted brightness to the night and Life gazing into it, I forgot about how different I felt as the moon light reflection, reflected its way into my bay dream, and into my willpower to free my desire. My want to fly, to the heavens and to hear the angels sing your name.

To have its melody of life harmony break the chains to my dreams, to my imagination to dare. To free my dreams in my care. So I can place the shield of bravery, apart of my life journey for courage.

I was fortunate to have an Ally in my heart that I valued at all.

There’s a spirituality two dreams when there for you as a way to develop a lonely soul to transcend a life moment into a more compassionate place. Despite my heartbreak, despite this possibly once in a lifetime connection. Despite these feelings of how I can love you more completely, and give you the affection that you need, you are the focus of my world, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to protect and cherish you.

For now, I will wait, and watch with great interest to see where we go from here, I sincerely hope you share my sentiments, because I want you to want me to…

To the end I will work as hard as I can, for you’re smart and attention, for you are with the best life has to offer.

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