Love Letter 2

Dear reader,
I had a beautiful dream last night, this dream helped to satisfy my curiosity to hope, to believe and to take the chance to discover what love is like.

So I would like to express to you my dream wishes, as I tell you a story and let you see the essence of me in it.

This dream spoke a special reality to me, because it expressed what I know in my heart to be.

So I hold back my imagination no more, I will allow it to form many fantasies about how it will feel for me and my heart to have a date with love, with a mighted will, he stir the ethers up and their vibration reached the plane of purpose, and there she stand, purpose, beautiful and amazing.

We are coming together in the presence of love, with a heartfelt request, to be taken seriously of this belief of sincerity to recognize that this hope and a moment to dream will be a moment that our heart and soul Will be proud of.

Oh beautiful you are, I must tell you that you possess many rare qualities of loveliness which I find absolutely irresistible. I can’t believe all these words are coming to me as easily as they are, could it be that the power you possess to inspire little old me, is in truth, only a love song that is looking for an angel to sing it.

To shake one’s destiny to the determination of life’s melody that is vibrating through this heartbeat.
It is an awesome thing to stand in the presence of love and call upon its essence, to seek its guides.

And its blessings to wish, but now I’ve come to an important crossroad of my life, a role of passion that transcends an experience that I would like to invest into my reality.

I want to breathe life into this dream of mine, I want to remind my heart that our goal, is to stand out, to assemble a plan, for the first time for love.

This act is part of a long-standing dream that had begun and this moment makes the integrity of hope that is been planted. This moment of hope would be the breath that would bring this dream to life.

So that me and my heart would not ever underestimate the power of purpose and the belief that we can make a difference for our lives and the lives of this beautiful angel we would like to embrace.

So my dream has become just that important to me. Just that important for me to pray, so important to me as a man, to sit down and pen a beautiful love story, where the beauty comes out of the nature of this dream and the hopes and wish to the story.

Sandy Sturdivant

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