Can I once be Brave?

Dear reader,
Can I once be brave just for a moment, just for the opportunity to triumph over my fears, can a package away all frustration, infatuation and ship them off to a land of no return with my tears.

I want you, I realize that now, I want to comfort you in my arms, I want to be able to always hear your laughter, I want you to come to me willingly, and bring to me your happiness, sorrow, and lust.

I want to be strong in your eyes. You’re Braveheart. If you only knew how much I love you, how essential you are to my life. You would not dare stay away from instant, you would always remain by my side, your heart press close to my heart, your soul intertwined with mine.

You are a breath of fresh air dot-dot. You’re unique and there’s no one else, that has your special qualities. I am drawn into a great emotional experience our journey is Not an Accident, it is not something that was just was thrown together without any foresight, we were destined to meet, each of us is here for a purpose.

I come to an epiphany of my heart philosophy, preaching to me a message that got to be my fate. So I Proclaim boldly my thoughts, that represents the essence of you, my desire that enhance is my dream and my search to find, to see, to witness the most beautiful experience for me.

Your beauty has made a big statement in my reality.

I’ve become a slave to your spell, that Enchanted essence of your innocence. In this moment, I remember to breathe deeply and let the creature of this experience motivate me. Who was the one, that brought back into my life that essential part of happiness, that I find deep down in my soul. That incredible dimension of the strange essence?

A feeling I haven’t known until now. I was so lost and admiring this beautiful moment, that tranquility have a beautiful morning.

To answer that question of who? Beautiful it is always been you. To make my heart beat faster than it normally would do. To inspire me ways that has encouraged me to pursue, to pursue this Daydream that I have of your virtue.

Sandy Sturdivant

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