Introduction to Love Letters from Sandy Sturdivant

Dear reader,
Hello beautiful,

First and foremost I greet you with the utmost respect, hoping that these letters find you at this moment within good health, mentally, physically and emotionally…

It seems to be our destiny, it seems to be your fate, for our heart to be awakened by the touch of love today. So when we open ourselves up to hear love’s voice, it will reveal its plan, it will reveal our purpose. Then we may come to understand, that it is not a coincidence that we are here reading these love letters from Sandy Sturdivant.

As we continue down this road, as our heart to our thoughts, and mind, we must listen to that Inner Voice that cultivate a beautiful embrace of this moment would love divine.

So if you’ve been waiting for your prince of destiny, I’m certain love has spoken some encouraging words into your life. So now I hope that your wait is over, welcome to a moment that I guarantee will change your belief, your soul and mind

1Dear Reader

So I ask of you, do not allow for this moment to pass you by, don’t dream of a miracle to be performed.

Because all we have is our action and that action is to lift ourselves up from above all of the fear and doubts that cloud our judgment to embrace a moment of fate to seek a friendship with someone that you never thought would be a part of your world.

So know this, everything in our life has its own purpose to our journey Down the road of passion that transcend a Experience that is lyrically identify in the essence of love, to a poetic fate that can come out of the tragedy situation, whereas this moment is here and now the existence of something unique and special.

Love letters from Sandy Sturdivant is the manifestation of love in action. It is a desperate act an action of a man, with strong passion and desires that is centered around expressing those desires and affections, to a woman whose holds the personality and characteristic of beautiful, wonderful, amazing and the most import essence of them all … you! By apply this art form of poetic justice encouragement of words, that connect romance and fantasies together.

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