I want

Dear reader,
Herein lies buried many things if read with Patience may show the secrets of my hearts desire and fantasy.

This secret is not without interest to you, as dawn breaks this paradox moment that will blossom open this gate of my curiosity to share with you the desire to see your smile, to feel your spirit to touch your soul.
We share secrets after all, and secrets can bind people together as surely as does love.
So throw open the doors that is deep within me that otherwise might remain closed,

Let the prayers of my heart, challenged me to step beyond my comfort zone. To realize my full potential, as you study my words with me

Do you believe in a moment where the beauty in life passion which has engaged with the elegant presentation of our hearts daydreams, as capture the source of our feelings, preparing us on endeavor to give boldness a kiss. Love is looking for believers who understand the importance of a moment like this.

Will you willingly close your eyes and let the voice of reason, guiding to the place where the stars in the sky will become the biggest cheer. Up and far away past the clouds above, where it’s brightness has its own tell about the essence of love.

To learn details of Heaven and the melody of its wonders, could find the passage of our deepest hope and the deepest longing.

As we look up to the heavens, so many stars above, can you look up at the same time, and wonder whichstart expresses the exquisite web of beauty that links and represents the essence we so much, daydream of.

I have a decision to make and I have to make it today standing here in front of the great mirror of truth, with the biggest secret of my life, confessing my lustful sin of desire as my mind race to resolve my frustration, my heart pounds with desperation.

I want to taste your flow of love.
I want to embrace your stamina, I must elicit my needs with no digression. Surrounding each senses, as I delivered to you this message.
We have to choose to challenge the future with excitement not fear, I want something different out of life, I want more than hoping and wishing, I want to live out my dreams, I want my fantasy to come into fruition, I want you…

If I fail to mention, I want this moment to remember me. To remember that I have never experienced a breathtaking essence like you.

Sandy Sturdivant

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