Heavenly Moment

Dear reader,
If only you knew the essence of who I am and my true ambition’s dream, to live in the idea of life moments that feature the memories of joy, happiness, and tranquility. That tremendous experience and connection to this essential high cast of the state of mysteries. That aim that is a clear affliction to such a lustful desire.

It’s funny how wants something and someone come into your life, you begin to take notice. All of a sudden, you’re life changes before your eyes, you start to think differently, your personality becomes a testimony of how the unsubstantial elements in your life can be washed away.

I will always admire and be addicted to learning the reality of affection. Time allow us to grow up, through my pen, my heart cries and weeps it’s true feelings.

I want to be a man and compliment a beautiful smile. I want to build my wishes around something amazing, I just want to imagine my hopes within purpose at a chance to have my dreams come true.

I want you….

This is true. I guess it was your eyes, that started all, the spell I am blessed with. That’s spell That led my heart to analyze it’s option for a fundamental step to pursue.

Nothing in this world have ignited a passion like this that you’ve brought into my journey

I must admit I don’t want to be too forward, I don’t want to sound too desperate. I want my ambition two want a life and have that desire for life To be with you.

Why do beautiful dreams always run out, before the heavenly moment where kiss from you begins.

This moment I imagine over and over again. To believe in the good fortune from your touch.

Sandy Sturdivant

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