Dear Reader

 I've noticed you…

I’ve noticed my heart skips a beat, when I am in your presence. I have noticed that pleasant aroma of loveliness, that is captured my sense of smell, this beautiful feminine essence that holds the power to entice and inspire my intuition.

So beautiful thank you, for shining your light of life in my direction.

You see, your life is like a song, it is the song of the imagination that is ignited within the the purpose of my being, my destiny moment.
My imagination is running wild, thinking about you.

I don’t know if you can understand the meaning when I say, that I Think that I have found someone who I can truly live my life for. I think that you can be the one who can make a big difference in my journey. It’s funny how something so amazing comes into your life. It is hard for you to not take notice of it’s essence and the passion for life that it breathes. You begin to think about the last time you ever in the presence of such incredible feeling and connection.

You begin to repeatedly see and hear things that make this feeling a connection apart of your destiny plan to favorite this moment.
For you are my secret treasure and you are my excited fantasy and bliss.
As lovers carve their initials within the heart of a tree, to show their affection, it is my wish to intertwine with the symbol and hope of this affection for love to exist.
At the seed of beauty is being planted in this earth, to bring wonders to our sight, then let the seed of courage be ignited in my initials to carve this into existence in my life.

The defining moment in our life is the worst that can describe us the best, in the case of you, beautiful, delicious, breathtaking, innocence, and compassionate.

Words are strong together, bringing each essence of it’s elements, pertaining to the creation to exist within your life.

So I described to you what I’ve noticed, I describe to you my first impression, describing what love looks like, when it is you.

   Sandy Sturdivant
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