Love is the Secret of Friendship

Dear reader
I must admit, that I am afraid, afraid to say hello, I’m afraid to face you with the secret I’ve been holding on for way too long. You see my fear come from the expectation of you respond when I tell you, I’m in love with you.

There, you see, you have planted a purpose in my life to live, two see through this difficult moment of expressing a new reality that is your name for acceptance.

So I desire passionately to discover how I will not be able to proceed, to demonstrate this change reaction, that endeavor of precept, pertaining to the tranquility of love philosophy.

My heart bursts with love for this moment, love for this day and love for the very idea of being brave.

So I think the essence of the matter might be stated by saying the love is the acceptance of the gift of friendship. So love gives us a gift for which we need not strive, and about which primarily we need not argue, after all, our attitude to a gift is acceptance.

So tell me the reader; how would you feel if you gave someone a gift that they refuse to open? Wouldn’t you be disappointed and a bit hurt?

Sometimes I wonder if that’s how love feels about friendship, about us?

A wonderful gift it has given to protect, inspire, and lead us down the road of our greatest dream. A friendship with you, was the sole motive which inspired me to write this letter. To confess my feelings on the subject of love.

Because love doesn’t just want you to read this letter and say, wow… What a beautiful letter… but it wants you to read this letter and see the invitation of a friendship from someone who adore and admired you. I’ve had plenty of time to think about how to handle this moment.

How to gently introduce my desire to my destiny. I tried to be patient, I’ve tried not to put a word together that would come off as wrong. I’ve tried not to speak at all, because I respect the delicate of the idea of getting to know you better.

Then I gather up my courage, for I making a leap, one I have been pondering on. To describe my feelings correctly in this letter doesn’t quite capture the phenomenon of how your pure beauty, compassion, the essence of your sex appeal, and the profound nature of your persona, has touch me and let me into this moment.

So now is the time for you to open this gift I offer as my invitation to share this idea of a friendship and catch a glimpse of the power of love.

Sandy Sturdivant

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