Dear reader, I have fallen in love and I can’t explain it, my heart has been stolen from me and I can’t retain it, so this experience has taken me by surprise, but now I am, every day looking forward to its essence, this moment got me so alive, I accept it as a blessing.

Because love is a treasure, that our heart has hidden away, and the only way it’s Essence can grow, we must give it away.

Whereas now the Delight of love is being ushered into my life, by the side of her and the influence that she brings, love has decided to embrace me through an angel that I have fallen in love with, from my dreams.

I’ve been so caught up in all that I have been experiencing over this moment of a true miracle that it has occurred to me, that I haven’t been prepared to experience such a magnificent human being.

The Wonder Woman that has captured my heart, one would describe her as a goddess, a true definition of a Venus.

He personified the ideal of Beauty and the essence of Truth which it brain. And then a vision has come to me, pertaining to a pair of intelligent brown eyes and a smile to conquer the world, has haunted me in my dreams, and now I know that I am ready for this girl.

There is a higher power someone can have, the pleasure of one’s affect over another could it be a toys for me, would the Creator live before the all that thy heart could desire.

Although it is true that strong or prudent people rule their stars and Conquer their circumstances. But one must learn to love and go through a good deal of suffering to get to it. Do you think that love is an accomplished thing? My heart begins to investigate this question and the beauty that has captivated My Soul. To Love then they understand themselves.

So tell me how does it feel to be everything to my world and my dream? The fact is that the higher power dispenses, Grace to all, but not all are able, willing, or ready to receive it.

But it is the emotions that marks the chapter in our lives and started writing the ending to our destiny.

Regardless of my inexperience in love, regardless of my comprehension and it’s understanding I know now what I went and I know now that I am ready for love more than ever.

I want the Peace of love to embrace me, to say these words is nothing. But to mean these words is everything.

Wonder Woman can you see, that your beauty, drive, and Independence is what Captivate me.

There is only three things in my life I am proud of the most, that is falling in love, meeting an angel and meeting the best friend of my life.

Sandy Sturdivant

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