Fall in Love

Each one of us is born with that Essence to believe in love.

If we carry that principle into practice, if it is fed and it grows and we use it we can do great and marvelous things in the Name of Love.

That one principle that is the essence of our nature is the motivation behind this moment that can become beautiful where you become a believer in it

I believe that for man with unrealistic expectations is prone to bypass realistic opportunities.

Me and my heart never was able to appreciate the beauty in life ecstasy until we have come to know the essence of your smile and attitude, even the burning passion of emotional was new to our eyes after meeting you with in this journey, has made all my life a Wonder.

So if I say to you that you are beautiful, would you hold it against me? So what is the story behind your name? The way I feel affects what I pay attention to and how I make sense of it. Therefore I rest my decision on intuition, I value my heart’s judgment.

So understand that I have come to this part of my life where I’ve fallen in love and I feel like it, love is seductive, it offends and seizes, frightens us and draws Us in, something us with his promises of sweet passion. Then overwhelming us with a nearly sexual power, squirming past your defense, dissolving our will invading the tide spirit so early that it becomes difficult to recall that we can never live without it…, or to imagine that we might live that way again.

Within the pleasure of purpose itself, love persuades us that it’s invasion was all our own idea.

That we wanted it all along. It fogs that part of the brain that reasons, that knows right and wrong. It catches us with its warm, guilty, amazing pleasures, and worst of all, it becomes familiar. All at once we find herself in through to the very thing that most terrifies us, our work slides, friendship slides, but you scarcely notice.

To be captivated is to be half in love with love.

A chill has come down my spine while I’m entertained many of these thoughts to be with such a decision was quite exuberant.

Oh is it not love we are talking about. Loves wisdom is a moment hidden until it chooses to unveil its purpose, to those who seek its understanding because life is all about learning how to love.

Love expects me to make the first move, so this is my initiative to do the things that my heart has set out for me. And that is to fall in love

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