Dear Smile

My heart requires me to write, in truth, the moment does not pass without my thoughts turning to you. Your vision flipped my sense with beauty, and my heart is filled up with divine inspiration.

Smile, we can analyze the meaning of love, we will probably receive the definition and description of many things. But Darius would seek I do know we will not find in our search to understand love, that is the feeling I’m going through an inspiration to endure one’s own struggles.

Smile I chose this day to step out into life with confidence and a sense of power in my ability to demonstrate the story my heart wants to tell. Explain with integrity, and conviction, without hiding or ducking, breathing through the painful expectation of the most difficult moment of my life. Personally I find it safer to face the pain and allow myself to feel it it hurts like hell once you start to realize it.

A journey may be long or short, but it muststart at the very spot one finds oneself. My journey will reflect to you my life struggle, my struggle in expressing to you my feelings and my true attention, bearing my true desire, my true purpose in life, and my destiny to seek out my dreams.

I only know to have strength within my heart, with the essence and elements of emotion and passion.

I can only identify my journey and the people who have came into it and influence my search to be embraced by freedom oh, my hope to be led closer to my destiny, the people who have touched me and now my life Journey has took a detour out of the land of Darkness.

Life is difficult, this is a great truth, in this life the most average day can take an extraordinary turn, and a smile can try my heart and dominate someone to dreams, a smile that is giving me a longing impossible to satisfy.

See smile, I want to think about you. I want these thoughts to guide my feelings and to enslave my heart and my soul. You are the constant object of my thoughts. You make me want to experience more than just your smile. You have made me change my Approach and the things I would like to say. You have changed how I see you.

Smile, I sometimes wonder, would you be the type of person to judge me from my honesty, or accept the things that I am saying are true. Would you understand that you have touched me and made me believe in my word. You are beautiful, with the power to possess the attention of all men.

Smile you have encouraged me to want your attention, to want to experience your beautiful Essence and embraced your touch. For you are the nourishment of my Hunger.

So therefore, smile I am sorry that it took me so long to realize, that I must appreciate the wonders of life and the blessings that I have, so I must say I’m grateful for you.

Sandy Sturdivant

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