Dear Pretty Brow Eyes

My heart celebrates your name, your attitude of beauty. It acknowledges your kindred spirit. My heart Smiles at your genuine interest in getting to know me as a person.

There are many things in life over which I have no control. In the in the midst of unexpected circumstances, until you encounter a mysterious and Powerful Friend or Foe choice. The implications of some choices are inevitable.

Like those pretty brown eyes that your heart and notices from afar. The inevitable when you confront your feelings and Imagination to indulge in a conversation with them.

Then all of a sudden, your feelings get caught up in this moment, that have the power to change your destiny. That is the same of my life and the experience of my heart.

I have never been in a situation like this before, where I have allowed myself to be touched by a beautiful smile and pretty brown eyes. To be impressed from the status of strength from her woman Independence. Who are you?

I begin to wonder about this person.

Before she said a word to me, I knew I wanted to be in her life. I’ll never forget the moment I was first introduced to this beautiful smile, when my hello was more than just a hello.

It was more intimate than a greeting. It was more sensual and exotic and expressing the charm that exists in a word.

My hello became my now moment, the moment we’re expectation is tossed to the side and confidence takes over, the most important element of my true identity. Now there is no turning back. Because my purpose will stand, and I will do what it’s needed.

I’ll go heads up with faith and make my claim. But first let me back up a little and tell you a bit about this amazing feeling that has come over me. It was like a sucker punch to the gut, from that moment I look into those pretty brown eyes. Looking into the beginning of that Revolution, that stole my heart. It has manifested my desire to fully understand the position I’ve been placed under.

Now look at me. You have touched something deep inside of me. You have become a note in the melody to my favorite song. Now I cannot stop the rush of emotion that Treasures the existence of you.

It is like a stream finding out that it can move a rock, the pleasure of one person having affect over another.

I don’t want to overstate the complex factor that leads to such a remarkable view in my toe, in this subject matter pertaining to those pretty brown eyes and how they have incited my response to its appear.

I love looking at you ever since I met you. Intensely beautiful Persona with a softball face, a bold aggressive attitude, those engaging brown eyes, very kissable nose and a soft and encompassing lips that I adore.

These last factors, together with the understanding that I have but one chance to get it right, to create a degree of pressure to survey the wonders of crossing paths with those pretty brown eyes.

Sandy Sturdivant

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