Am I A Dreamer?

Am I a dreamer or any of my dreams worth believing in

Dear reader, when the breeze of a Daydream Blows Its wind in my direction, Gathering the essence of my hopes, wishes and fantasy, turning my desire into affection, my passion into action.

Bridging a moment of wisdom to embrace a spiritual inspiration, into the essence of experiencing, experiencing the elements of joy and manifest presence of Love, within the stormy wind of my dreams. Within my life you are my expectation.

I want to believe in myself enough to follow my dreams and allow its hunger to awake a flame of passion within me. I want to speak to my sister sweetheart, that’s a longing has motivated the imagination of experiencing a moment of Love, on its larger view, a moment where we are shaping free will to embrace the faith. I’ve been in treat for some time, of my dreams wants and desires.

I don’t know about you, but there’s a driving passion in my heart that Whispers to me that even if I lose Faith and Hope in my dreams, even though my dreams hold so much value to me, I will take steps that will lead me closer to courage, I will make out the prayer to strengthening my patience.

I will do whatever it takes to protect my heart’s determination to move forward to understand, that the Rhythm of Life will apply the principles to guide the morning sun to bring forth the essence of confidence that I will need to shake the mountain top of Doubt out of my mind, to remove the hill of Sorrows from my life, where the tears that flow from my Hearts confusion, will help me stand strong and courageous.

Knowing that the spirit of love will never weep just for anything, whereas I longed for the day when we can walk in the light of our desire and dreams, where tears are wiped away. If I rise on the wings of the Dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there I know that the Melody of Love will be waiting for me.

It makes me wonder oh, what it is I am missing, all our life, we’ve been on a treasure hunt for love and affection, we’ve been searching for a perfect person and the perfect moment we can call our own. These words that I speak are not my own they are words from my heart, they are a promise of the action to pursue love because and only because it has first put an urgency Within Me.

To build a temple in my dreams of Love Within, by the power of my face and by the strength that you give me, that my dreams, are going to always represent the Integrity of the burning desire I have for thee. You see, my dreams have become my refuge during the time of the stormy wind in my life, it has comfort me and its arms and has sung to my heart a new love song.

All my life I’ve dreamed, I’ve dreamed of love at first sight, I’ve dreamt of a moment in heaven, I’ve dreamt of you and me together forever.

But I wonder, am I a dreamer, because I long for your kisses? Am I a dreamer because I long to hold you in my arms, to embrace your affection? Does it make any difference, that I want to live inside of you? I want to continue to believe in you. You are the only one I want to dream about.

So perfect for my heart, so Dynamic from the start, leading with much inspiration. I finally found someone worthy of my dreams. So that makes me a dreamer, so be it, because I’ve fallen in love with everything about my dream.

Sandy Sturdivant

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