A Moment With You & Me

A moment with me and you

Dear reader,
I don’t mean any harm when I stare, but your beauty has made it for me to look anywhere else. I don’t mean any harm in my belief, but I want to make a wish, that I can speak into existence a moment with you and me.

I sometimes indulge in the essence of daydreaming about your being. I sometimes get caught up in my imagination that has opened my curiosity to judge your integrity if you have taking the time and I looked in the mirror and you will see why I’m so captivated why i have allow your actions to invade my sense of preference. Why its consent of wonders has to my attention and desires, how you beauty has made me look up the meaning to the words, attractive, stunning and glamorous.

It has become such by continuous repetition of thought, a wondrous authentic path, a moment brimming with passion, to look away the lens of my heart and transform that emotion of the motion to create, purpose and aliveness you have set me free. You are like a river that is sending me without a damn. You are my joy my inspiration.

I felt a secret thrill in the back of my mind each time I begin to open up and let my feelings pour out and a new beginning begin. I feel this thrill now as I begin to write this letter. How can I know if something is right unless there is a right intuition, array sensation that can be filled through this experience that is incited lust as well as curiosity.

Sometimes we can overlook something so priceless, it cannot grasp but we Close the door to it. They are scared of the unknown. In all of this, I want to say life hands you chances, hopefully this mind. I’m looking to inspire and build a foundation which you never had before. You are the living manifestation of destiny and in you I find my words.

So I made decision to invest in myself and focus on my strengths and weaknesses. Eventually, passion unveiled its true purpose for entering into my life.

So I want to overcome the obstacles of first impression. I want you to know that I am impressed and also breathless, you are so bold, sometimes I wish I had you courage and your strength.

So what words must I recite to get it right. What song should I sing, that would put me back in touch with the essential Horizon with the great dome of heaven.
So how do I do it? How do I design my words into kisses? How do I announce to you that you all I need?

But your beauty is new to me I don’t believe that I can last without indulging it its purity. Where else can someone find such zeal for beauty, such passion for pleasure, and such bravery as defined in this moment. That moment of you. It is commonly said, that is is to ease to do wrong than right, to sin then to be holy. To run astray then staying.

To face fate or embrace destiny.

So I am going to do something that is been hard for others. That is embrace my destiny, and face fate with the action of my merits, to carry out the elements of my desire that is driven by a sense of passion where fulfilling a vision of confronting expectations.

That vision of a moment with you and me

Sandy Sturdivant

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