A Leap Toward my Heart’s Expectation

Dear reader, love has wrapped its arms around me, while emotion Whispers purpose in my ear, desire acquires and audition with my feelings, as passion connects with my dream and direct my attention.

So now I must express my admiration, to correct the words of how beautiful you are with my mine, to allow my lips and then my voice to give Clarity to a special meaning, allowing my feelings to join forces with these words that wants to LEAP out of me.

Ambition is a sharpest definition of myself, I know this, because I can feel its virtue constantly. You are actually the first of many experiences that motivate me to never settle for anything. You have inspired me every single day to be smart about preparing my next encounter with your beautiful Essence. There is an appointed time for everything in life. I have only begun to lay the foundation needed to approach this moment of my future. So I refuse to stand by and witness my desires and dreams Parish. I cannot allow that. So I implemented a plan for my life that includes you in it.

I realize I have to take my desire more seriously and to lead my dream into an even higher level in order to put my passion and myself in a better position to embrace love.

I’ve never been in love! And I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever be lucky enough to experience that feeling. So now I come to daydream about it and hope fate would place the right person in my past. A beautiful and enchanting soul of compassion a woman with a delicate sense of humor. Someone who would bring out the best in me and fill me with passion. Someone who will show me what love is like.

If it’s possible I would like to take this golden opportunity to eliminate all the bad thoughts about me, allow me to introduce myself. No one wants to be alone knowing god intend for us to be. So I’m opening up my heart and my wishes to find a solid friendship that is built on trust and honesty.

To walk the path of Life intention. It has been expressed that a thousand miles of a journey begging with one single step, so with the most genuine of respect I hope you can find it within yourself to accept this proposal of granting me the where’s opportunity of embarking on a quest that can only be approved with your consent.

My desire is for you to sacrifice a minute to understand that I want to taste the life of your passion.

Sandy Sturdivant

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