A Dedication

Dear reader, what do I say at A Moment Like This a moment where my heart is looking out towards heaven to find the right words to make sure that you understand how important you are to me.

Above all I want you and need to express strong desire that is building up within me. This desire that recognizes your true virtue and Beauty. The most vigorating thing about this moment is that everyday, when I get a chance to look upon your essence, I experienced a growth in my vocabulary understanding.

I begin to fight and prepare myself to reclaim my confidence to speak about what has inspired me into this moment of purpose. I begin to come to understand that I have never open up to my feelings before, to walk down the path of imagination to cross the Avenue that sought to find expression.

I thought long and hard about you and realize that I have everything to gain and nothing to lose. I’m so lucky to learn from watching your beautiful compassion and are intelligent persona oh, your courage is the kind of embodiment I would like to emulate.

The word patience comes from the Latin meaning to endure oh, so I’m patiently waiting to stand and use my moment of now, to not predict what tomorrow would bring, but to save today with a pep talk because I’m going to behave in a new way because the old way isn’t working

Life teaches patience if you let it. But I must bear in mind that my patience will always be tested, often when I’m in a rush, I become to replace, I begin to censor my true feelings because of a blind zealous passion

If I don’t know where my passion came from, then my direction and aim is only going to be no more than a dream, I want to live my life all over again with someone special, so I love to get to know something about the lover in you.

It is liberating to voice my feelings, to announce my intention. Because life is in session. This moment of expressing my feelings generate Sparks, which generate passion.

So I don’t want to fumble in the moment. If something is beautiful, I am racing, the thing about me is that I must keep growing oh, and I need a partner who wants the same thing.

The concept of seizing every moment takes on new meaning, doing so help me locate my true voice and identity. I started to think about what my life was like before I met you. It is easy to get distracted and sidetracked from my mission to acquire your love that’s my destiny I intend for that to be the theme for the rest of my life. I invite you to consider it as a focus for yours.

Just imagine what would help if we get past the moment of conversation imagine all the good that could be done, are you willing to be one to leave with me in the moment.

So what’s the secret love has render and with the looks of friendly eyes, I do not wait with Grace unspoken, with a gentle speech of words, so if the truth be known.

I said all I can, to say I’m ready to take that stand to be your man, to cherish and honor your virtue, and to dedicate my life to you.

Sandy sturdiuant

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